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So, if that's well water, would we need a filter on the house water that's coming in for bathing?


I don't have any filter on mine, and I've got all those clusters of minerals all around my faucets. So, if you don't want that, you're gonna have to filter.


But it's not bad for you?


If you're not using chemical filters.


The minerals that you have?


No, it's just that you're going go through fixtures about every 10 years.

[Attendee #2]

So, the two things we're doing locally is that the behind contact in the water and they soften the water, which I'm assuming is salt processed.


Yeah. They usually use potassium chloride, which is saltpeter.

So, you might have a limp dick if you drink your water or don't use it at all.

When I moved into here, I saw the bags of saltpeter, and I said, "You're not filtering my water that way". So, I, re-piped the whole thing and did it myself. So, I'm right out of the well into the house.

The toilet jammed because of the crystallization, so the water wasn't flowing anymore, except for the water just right down into the drain itself. So, I just had to have the toilet replaced.


What does that potassium chloride do to you?


Those salts make heavier salts that base them into smaller molecules, so it doesn't dry out things. So, it doesn't make your clothes stiff and all of that.


No, but like, is it toxic for your body?


Oh yes. Very toxic.

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