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Did you recommend weight resistance training?


Any kind of training you want, it's fine all long as you're on a good diet. There is a problem with some people, Lucky had a problem with his tendons and muscles shrinking up, so he is getting tight and stiff. That's a sign that you're not digesting your proteins properly. Also, is sign of collecting lactic acid in the muscles. So, it creates these crystallization. It shortens the tendon, shorten the muscles, cuz it lacerate them, causes scar tissue to form, and then you become very stiff.

You see those guys, they're big and Brawny and they can't move? That's that kind of crystallization that begins with the uric acid buildup and the crystallizations from that causing lesions cutting into it. So again, a little vinegar if you're heavy into any kind of physical activity.

Make sure you break up that lactic acid with either whey, raw whey, not something you get in a regular health food store, cuz that's always pasteurized and treated, but it has to be a good raw whey or your vinegar.

When you exercise, you have a lactic acid byproduct of utilizing your fuel as energy. If you are a weight trainer, a weight lifter, any kind of an athlete, you're gonna have a lot of lactic acid buildup and that's a high acidic mineral concentration, and when they collect, they collect into like little bitty, tiny, glass particles, and they can slice it. They stay in the muscle if you don't dissolve them. So, you have to make sure they're dissolved, and the lactic acid doesn't build up or else you're going to get stiff and scar. Remember the stiffness is scarring of those muscles and tendons.


How much whey would you recommend and is that before or after the workout?


It's either way, either before or after. Because it's not going to be digested entirely all at once, and those nutrients you're gonna stay in the blood. Probably what I would do if I were to work out and I haven't worked out since 1979, I would drink it while I was working out and continue for about an hour after.

It could be either, not both. I think both would demineralize you too much and if you're going to workout like that, if you're going to do workouts and be a heavy athlete, it's a good idea you eat a lot of cheese all day long, just sugar cubed size amounts every hour to an hour and a half, make sure you're collecting the poisons.

So, they're not staying in cause those poisons always carry heavy mineral concentrations, and if they start collecting anywhere, you're gonna have those little crystals storing in your tissues, lacerating, causing scarring. So, it's a good idea to have the cheese going through you, and then when you have the whey or the vinegar, it's going to dissolve the crystals and then they'll be drawn to the digestive tract where the cheese will pull it into the digestive tract and hold onto it like a sponge and pass it out of the body.


You can just drink as much whey as you want?


No, because again, you're gonna demoralize the system. It's like vinegar, it's just not concentrated like vinegar. So, if you're an athlete or let's say you're a massage therapist, you're working all day long, you could go through three cups of the whey a day and maybe a teaspoon of vinegar a day broken up into maybe a third of a teaspoon at a time throughout the day. If you're a ditch Digger or you work with horses, something that causes a lot of physical activity and exertion, you can use the whey throughout today, or a little bit of vinegar throughout the day, space it out.

And if you find you're stiff, you're not taking enough. If you find that you're getting bleeds and your skin's getting thin and your lips are getting very acidic and starting to burn, then you're not eating enough minerals. You need more cheese.

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