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So, then when I lose that weight?  

Am I losing the weight with the poisons or?  


Yes, when you put the weight on. 

See, I tell people in the recipe book every six months gain and lose the weight.  

I only say that because men and women have this bizarre notion that once they gain the weight, it's going to be very hard to lose it.  

And it is for a lot of people were very toxic for the first two and a half years. 

I would rather people be on a two-and-a-half-year cycle. 

Get fat for 2 and a half years a then lose it. 

But because people are so paranoid, it's easier to convince that if they can see what they're going to lose it in six months, and then gain it back again and lose it. They feel more comfortable, then after a few years of doing that, they don't care if the fat stays on for a year, two years.  

They're not worried about being fat forever. 

There are a few people that it's impossible for them to lose the weight, even no matter how hard they try, but it's only like .5% of all people I know on the diet. 

And some people just don't want to, you know I was talking with a woman a couple of days ago and she says, "I can't stand that I'm fat, but I'm so happy".  

She says, "Whenever I go on the weight loss program, I get unhappy. I look good, but I'm unhappy". So, y'know, she says, "I'm staying fat". 

And fat for her is your size, to me that's not fat. 

 But, to her that's very fat because she used to be a skinny girl. So, she'd rather be fat and happy, and I say great.  

I can't tell names unless they're present. See you didn't agree to anything I said, so I didn't mention your name. 

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