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Detoxification cycles of weight gain and weight loss, and I noticed for me the weight gain cycle's no problem, but the weight loss portion, change between the green juice and the meats meat and just back and forth, and then at the end of the day before you go to sleep you can have some milkshake or something.

But I find that I just don't feel satiated from that combination. It is very hard to lose the weight like that.


Not supposed feel satiated. You're supposed to be hungry all the time, but the only reason I put that weight loss thing in there, I like people to gain the fat ideally for two and a half years and leave it on for two and a half years and then go on the weight loss.

See a lot of people are afraid of fat. They're absolutely paranoid of fat. So, if they see that every six months they can gain and lose and they're not getting huge then they don't worry about it. So, after a few times, a year goes by, they've done it twice, then they don't worry about gaining a lot of fat and holding it for a year or two. Then they don't worry about it anymore.

Cause then they know they can get rid of the fat if they will discipline themselves to do the weight loss.


So, what do you recommend for people who are into body building and fitness and need to have a lower body fat.


A low percent body fat is not good for weight lifting. You have to have a high amount of fat in the muscles to keep them from going into cramping and stiffness. I talked about that extensively, lactic acid building crystals and making lesions in the muscles. That's why a lot of body builders and weightlifters don't have a lot of flexibility cause it causes a scar tissue to build up in the muscle. So, you need lots of fat tissues.


How long do you find that the weight loss cycle lasts for and how long would you have to do that for?


It all depends upon the individual.


I can gain three pounds in two days and cause I'm so small, it's very, you know, just right away, but the weight loss part. The satiation is not there. So, it's hard to really keep it up for days on end with the green juice and the meat.


Well, what do is just do a day of regular eating and 3, 4, 5 days of the regular diet, just alternate. I meant it to be slow loss, cuz your body needs the fat or else it wouldn't be gaining it quickly. It wouldn't hold onto it. It needs it inside in the tissues.

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