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Earlier with the gaining weight, losing weight, and I could be on the same amount of food on the diet and when I was very sick, I lost rapid weight, like three pounds. And then when I started to feel better, I gained the weight back without really trying. Does your body just find its own balance?


Yes. That's what it wants to do. I prefer you do it on its own, but in the recipe book, I set a six month period because a lot of people are afraid that if they gain the weight, they're never going to lose it. It's usually a two and a half year cycle.


They gain the weight back.


Yeah. Most of the time people will gain the weight, keep it for two and a half years, then their body will go through a detoxification, knock it off, and then grow it back. And you know, I stopped putting it on heavily again.

[Attendee #2]

Yeah, but you've been on it 40 years.


No, I've been on raw meat on a daily basis since December of 82. So, that's when I count that I went on a good diet when I started eating meat twice daily on a daily basis. Before that, I was just eating meat three days a week, one meal. So, three pounds of meat a week maximum. Now I eat a pound a day.

And if I don't eat pound of meat a day, I eat 50 eggs.

[Attendee #2]

And you don't work out at all?




You're serious with eating?


I up 50 eggs.

[Attendee #2]

Not a day?


Yeah. I've eaten up 50 eggs a day. Done it many times. Let's say a hundred times.

[Attendee #2]

That for protein and mineralization. Is that why you eat so many eggs?


No, because eggs are already liquid, so there's very little digestion involved. So, if I want to get strong and healthy fast, I'll eat a lot of eggs and eat bone marrow along with it. I may have three sections of bone marrow in a day because eggs don't have the ability to increase cellular division like meat will.

Rrefrigerated milk is the same way, so I eat the bone marrow with it, so that I will regenerate cells fast as well as strengthen your body.

Like the example I used in the Recipe Book, the woman with emphysema who was supposed to die that weekend. She had 33 eggs on Saturday, 33 on Sunday. She was out of the bed and off the machines on Monday morning.

Only eggs could ever do that, so I know the value of eggs.

[Attendee #2]

And they weren't organic though, huh? You didn't mention that, they were regular eggs?


They were regular eggs. I told her doctor to get them at least at a health food store and I said, ones that are cage free not the organic in a cage.So, that's what you got. They weren't the best eggs I'm sure.





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