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⁠What should I be doing with your diet... 


Well, you need to put on some good fat first. The whole diet plan, if you're asking for something like that you need to make an appointment with them. 

Usually when you're that overweight you will lose weight on the diet, come to a point, gain some for a little bit and then start taking it off. And then usually after about 4 years you never have to get that big again. I allow women to go... don't allow. I like women to gain at least 12 pounds over their normal weight. 

Men, I ask them to do 15 to 30. I'd ask women to do that, but they're too vain. And they're a lot healthier once you gain that excess weight, just like Frank. We finally reached that high point, he says, God I know you're talking about it's so good. Big difference. When it's the raw fat. How long has Frank been on it now? 


1 year and 8 months. 


Now I remember when Frank called, Darlene was in the background. He said, "I think about going on your diet and my wife thinks you're out of your mind". Darlene's in the back, "Don't do that diet, what are you crazy? You're gonna get really sick!". 

I hear her doing this whole thing in the back and Frank's trying to have a conversation with me. 


That's when I weighed 105. 


Yeah, so she's calmer and happier and she's on the diet too.  

[Attendee #2] 

The weight gain you're talking about. Is it distributed? 


Yes, his is very nicely distributed and usually in women it may- if you have a lot of... women because of the high hormone content around this area, they store lots of they're toxins. They have more fat to bind a little more toxins and if it's a bad cholesterol it'll store in certain areas, and it's usually around in here where they're generating a lot of hormones to bind with the poison, because especially if they were on a fat free diet or limit their fats. They're going to use hormones to chelate with poisons instead of normal fats, blood fats. So, they store in these areas, cause cellulite and it'll dry up and get harder and just keep going through the body, build onto it and then when you have to go and dissolve it, you dissolve a little layer at a time. So, it causes swelling temporarily until you have it pumping out for 2.5 to 3 years like I say in the book, unless you've had a C-Section, then it could last 8-10 years. 

if you don't have enough blood fat, that's why I like people to gain weight during that period, so that they'll chelate with them, so they won't have a problem with them and get rid of them. Otherwise, we're just going to stir them up in the blood, get them panicky, upset, depressed, angry, and it goes right back into this tissue again, into the organs usually. 

Pulls it out of here and put them into wherever there's fat in, and if the fats in the glands that's where it'll go. 

It can, because if your body wants to use those hormones to help you burn. Yeah, get rid of it. Definitely will. 





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