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Your leg, your back or where? 


Is there anything I can do to heal or strengthen that knee? 


Not that you'd be happy about. Tony is a model.  


You have to get fat? 


Yes, that's the only way you can heal those parts quickly is to gain a lot of weight. It's like- is Frank here? Okay, Frank. He finally got up to a very heavyweight and he says, oh my God, I know what you're talking about. He said, I feel so grounded and so good now and that's the truth. When you gain plenty of fat, fat and happy is a reality because yeah, I said, you know, why... 


What if you're 300 pounds? 


Well, it depends on- I mean, if you're a wrestler, you're keeping active with all that weight, maybe it'll work for you, and it can be very good. So, it depends upon the individual. I had one client who was 5' 2.5'' and she said, she's not short, she's just scaled down and she got up to 160 one time and that was pretty big. It's bigger than anybody in this room, close to your size and she felt so grounded and so happy, and it wasn't a problem for her, and she had more health progress in that six months that she stayed that way than I'd ever seen her go through. 

So, it's an individual thing and I've got enough. I gained as much as 60 pounds. When I was very thin, I gained 60 pounds, all that cream. I was eating a quart of cream a day, plus a brick of cheese a day. I was putting it on, I gained 60 pounds in like four months, five months and I felt wonderful, and all these girls were attracted to me. It was incredible and I could take care of them all too. I had five girls at one time. I had all this energy and power, it was great, and they all showed up at my door at the same time, within a half an hour of each other and guess what I did, I went to a motel and let them stay together for the night. I was very honest, I let them all know I was going with all of them. 

So, they had a good party. They had a great time. They all got along, and I had a good time with those girls. 

So, being overweight and being not beautiful. It's usually not a problem, it's the psychology of getting big. 





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