Waterpik Ingredients



teeth cleaning


terramin clay

coconut cream




My teeth with the fermented coconut cream. Looks fine, really great.  


Well, in the recipe book. I suggested as toothpaste using clay with butter or some other kind of fat, but when I start experimenting with the fermented coconut cream and clay or fermented coconut cream and sparkling water in a Waterpik, it cleans the plaque off wonderfully. Clay whitens the teeth.  


Are you taking the coconut cream that I have, or just making your own? 


I make it myself. I just put it in a jar. 


Outside the refrigerator or inside refrigerator?  


Outside your refrigerator, didn't take long. Only took 2 days. 

I just know that some people have reported back that if they're using the clay, it whitens their teeth.  


What kind of clay would you use? 



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