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I've only been following this- I used to be vegan before, and I just found myself getting unhealthy. I went raw vegan for awhile and got more unhealthy, and then that's how I got here. So, I've been doing this diet for maybe three months and I noticed that I have gotten kind of puffy, just kind of rounded out, and I actually still have the same % body fat. I've actually gained like a lot of. weight, even though my body fat's not really going up that much, maybe 1%. They're very dense, but puffy at the same time.


If you are only 12% body fat, probably 40% of your excess weight is water.

So, you don't have a fat problem. If you're 12%, you've got a fat deficiency problem. You've got a water retention problem. You need to stay away from water like the plague.


Really? Cause I did that when I first read your book, but I noticed I was so thirsty all the time and I'm scared to drink so much milk cause I'd get really fat.


Well, you sip it. See the problem is everybody gulps. You see me when I'm taking it, you don't see me going glug, glug, glug. You see me keeping my lips together and drawing out like I'm suckling a nipple and draw the milk through. So, I drink very little milk compared to somebody who gulps it and glugs it. It makes a difference in how you utilize it, and you will bloat because your body needs that milk to help go in there and change the circumstance if you were vegetarian.





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