Water Is A Solvent

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Your fluid level.  

If you took tomatoes, one quart would be more than enough to do it. Plus, it wouldn't leach too much in your body.  

You need a certain amount of water because water and most important solvent. 

It's so funny, even the medical profession, the pharmaceutical industry doesn't identify water as a solvent, but if you go into an archeologically and oceanographers.  

They learned that water is an important solvent because you have to learn the properties of water and what it does to things in nature.  

Archaeologists need to know, and oceanographers need to know that.  

So, they're taught that water will just disintegrate anything that it combines with.  

And that's it's property.  

So, when you put water into the body, it'll tear your body apart if you're drinking too much water. It'll leach minerals, vitamins, proteins from your system in your blood. 

So, water is not something to have too much of, it should be very minimal.  


What about showers, bathing? 


Well, I take a bath every 5 days 


And not showers? 


Yeah, I have a well, so I'm up there in Malibu mountains, I've got my own well. So, I don't have to worry about- 


I've got my own well too, so that's okay? 


Yeah, that's okay, but if you have city water like the LA city water has 192 chemicals in it. 

People have shit and peed in it three times before you get it. 

Because it comes all the way from the Colorado American Canal.  

It comes down here, and it is used by Oxnard 1st and then it goes to the valley and then it goes to the community up here and then it goes to the lower, it's all recycled, it's all reconstituted. 





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