Water Breaks Things Down



sparkling water


distilled water




Gerolsteiner's the only one that's okay? 


Gerolsteiner, Pellegrino, any of the naturally sparkling waters. 

Ozonated isn't great, it's not severely harmful. 


What about Evian water? 


Evian, I haven't investigated lately, but they used to be fine. Not pardon? 

Distilled water is the worst water you can drink. It will just rip your system to pieces because it's the hungriest water, leaches everything 

That's different. That's high in bacteria. Rainwater is full of bacteria. That's a different kind of distilled water, but still, it's not a good idea to drink a lot of rainwater either. What does rain do? Rain goes down and dissolves the rock in the ground so the plants can eat. 

That's what it does, if you drink too much water, it'll dissolve and leech the nutrients out of your digestive tract and blood. Now, when you're going through a detoxification or downsizing, if you have a problem losing weight, water can be helpful to resolve some of that. You lose weight quick when you don't want to have much water? 

I don't say no water. I say, keep your water intake low. 

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