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He has no idea. He has no idea about testing. He's just accepting other people who are selling the products, and I don't believe any of them. Until I've tested something, I don't believe it because I've just seen too much biased way of thinking and not considering everything. 

Water is a solvent. The more things you put into it, the more damage it's going to do to your system. How many people saw The Rabbit Proof fence here? It's about the Australian kids, mainly girls who were part of Aboriginal and part British.  

So, the British government comes and says we can't have our partially British girls living with their primitive mothers who are aboriginal. 

So, they take the children away from their mothers and put 'em in these Catholic orphanages and they're brutal and mean, and you know, no love or anything. And instead of with these wonderful loving Aboriginal mothers. 

So, these three little girls run away. The oldest one is something like 12, 13, something like that, and then they get younger all the way down to about the age of 8 or 7. So, these three little girls run away, never drink a drop of water. They hike 2100 miles through up to 140 degrees in the bush and they break off branches and let the vegetable juice drop into their mouth, or they dug up a roof and they rung the vegetable juice out of it. 

They go through a whole day of hiking on four ounces of vegetable juices. That's the way all animal bodies are made except for the camel and the elephant. Those are the only two animals who are geared to hold water and utilize it properly. Camel can hold 25 gallons of water and won't have to drink for 20 days, 25 days.  

Elephant can hold up to 200 gallons of water and not have to drink for a month to 40 days. Those animals are very different from human animals. Human animals are not built to drink water.  

Back in the 40s and 50s when I was a child, you didn't drink water. If you went to the fountain, I didn't drink water, until I went to school, and then you just took three sips a day. And then all of a sudden, the sixties come around, bottled water comes into fashion. All of a sudden, eight glasses of water a day, eight glasses of water a day. That was the programming.  

The more of that you drink, the more soda pop you will drink, the more water you will drink, and it just dissolves the whole system. It leaches. Rain is water. It comes in and it dissolves earth so that plants can eat, it dissolves rock. So, when it comes into the body, it leeches all the good nutrients out of the intestines, your stomach walls, your mucus lining, everything, it dries out your system. 

The cells can only absorb 10% of that water, and then that causes the same interaction, intracellularly. Intercellular dehydration. So, we're not meant to drink water.  


I have to say something about that. One time, years ago, I thought water, aha. Eureka. I found it. So, I was drinking eight ounces every 15 minutes for hours and hours during the day and was thirsty. 


All the time. 

When I lived outdoors on a bicycle, I drank two gallons a day. And when I hit the desert, I nearly died. I had to bicycle through Mohave desert, and it wasn't even summer cause it's illegal. You cannot go through the Mohave desert, unless you sneak into it because they just block off old place and don't allow anybody in there, but residents who live there. And I nearly died and I still had a gallon of water with me. It wasn't enough, just kept going after because I was already dehydrated.  

You have to be lipidated. Fats need to be your body with lots of minerals to hold the fluids intact. 

You shouldn't be transferring many fluids. You look at the animals in the wild, they pee maybe an ounce at a time, a tablespoon at a time. See the coyotes spit out a tablespoon of urine at a time. Very little urine do they pass. We stand there and we pee for how long? 30, 40 seconds, a minute, you know, and it's insane. 

We're just wiping and washing out all these nutrients out of our body. It's not natural.  


Us women can't relate to that little example you just gave.    


*Laughs* okay, you sit, but it comes out very quickly like a horse. 


I can relate to that.   


And you may pee a cup, two cups at a time. 

That's a lot of fluid when we should be only putting out a teaspoon or a tablespoon at a time, every five hours. 





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