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Warts are dead cells that are being thrown off, mainly cartilage. Well, not necessarily dead cells, but cells that are damaged, cartilage cells that are damaged. 


Mostly people have them on the bottom of their feet. 


Coming out from the joints in their feet. That's why most people get warts on their hands and feet, cuz all the cartilage in every joint in the body, you bruise and damage that cartilage, and if your body can't dissolve those cells, that's what it makes, a wart. 

No, moles are usually harder, like tendon tissue, sinew.  

Well, I've got several remedies for that in the book. There are different things, you can put lemon, you can put pineapple, you can put potato skins, pineapple skin on there.  

Something I've been experimenting with with some people, I'm always experimenting when I can find some Guinea pigs, anybody wants to be Guinea pig, let me know. 

But I always use natural substances. So, the thing I've been utilizing for the last year is putting whey, and it's very acidic and it will dry out warts a little quicker. 

When you are using citric acid, it can cause the other surrounding tissue to get very sore and painful, but when you use the whey, it will pinpoint it on there. It'll help dry it out and flake off quicker.  

It does leave more scar tissue, but that will go away eventually also. Also, what about someone's callus? 


What about calluses? 


No, you don't wanna put whey on a callus. Callus is a large scar tissue. A large area of scar tissue will harden and dry it and make it worse. 


So, you can put coconut cream if you want to soften a callus? 


It will help soften a callus. You have to apply it once every day. 

If it's elevated, you want to deteriorate it. So, you can use some form of acid to help dissolve it, to lower it. Then at that point you don't want to use whey because it will harden it more acid. 


Acid lime lemon? 


Acid like lemon, like pineapple and like whey, those are highly acidic foods. 





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