Vitiligo Is Heavy Metal Detox



heavy metals





Could those same things cause vitiligo on your face? What would cause that?


Well, any kind of heavy metal coming out and detoxing through the skin would cause that.

There are two periods in humans where the body tries to throw heavy metals off in the biggest concentration. That's a puberty, that's why I have all the acne, and when a man hits around... men and women, mainly men, women have the discharge here, the changing hormones, so they still get to deliver theirs out through the uterus, and out the mucus there.

But men will go through a skin breakout between the age of 50, and 56 usually, and they'll have a heavy detox just as if they were a teenager. Sometimes it's on the back. There are other parts of the body, but sometimes it's on the face like a teenager.

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