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I like to go in the sun and I have not done anything you've recommended.  

I just go in the sun straight... 


Oh, it's very bad. It's a vitamin d deficiency, they're all in depression. 

That's why there are so many suicides in Sweden and Finland.  


So, I've always felt good and regenerated in the sun, and a little down when there's no sun, does that mean I have a vitamin D deficiency?  


It means you have a vitamin d deficiency and you need the sun. 

I went through that up until about three years ago. It took me how many years eating meat on a daily basis, it took me 17 years to get to the point where this kind of weather doesn't depress me.  


So, what I should do is be in in the sun more? 




And how much is it okay before it affects me?  


Well, it depends on what you want. I'm an opportunist. I use anything I can to get well quicker. So, when I lived on a bicycle and wasn't eating meat, my skin felt like leather, like the Indians, and to help get rid of it when I started eating all the meat and raw fat. 

I would scorch myself until I peeled layers of skin off and use natural skin, so I don't have all that scar tissue, and all that thick tissue. And I still use it, when I've been in Costa Rica. I had been having the sun for- hardly any sun, raining all the time, but there was one sunny day, so I took full advantage of it. 

So, anywhere where I had wrinkles that were scar tissue, I've healed, and it's great because now i'm looking younger. I take full advantage of it, so you can burn yourself if you want.  


Okay. I don't burn very often at all. I don't, I'm finding some with the marks on my face or I had this thing that started a red mark on my forehead after being in the sun. 


Well, sometimes what happens is vitamin D helps get rid of poison pigments that are in the body. Let's say you eat some cake with some food coloring in it and that got into an area- you have to understand, even in the blue, there's coal, it's radioactive minerals in that coloring, so they get into your body and they cause damage, and then your body has to secrete it to get rid of it. Vitamin D helps take toxic pigments out of the system.  


So I could go lie in the sun for three hours, correct? 


Absolutely. Usually all of those spots, they come out, go away, most of them, on this diet. Sometimes they may take a year and a half to go away. 


What about the white spots? 


In my laboratory test, I took scrapings on the skin of those white spots cause I had them severely once I started eating all the cream. I was eating a quart of cream a day with a quart of carrot juice, and I was exercising. I was eating lots of eggs and lots of fish to build myself up and I had huge white spots all over. 

So, I took a scraping and I found that those particular cells absorb the vitamin D rapidly, but it could also release it into the body. Whereas the other skin areas weren't as healthy, they absorb the sun to transform the fats in the skin into vitamin D, that's the process. 

It takes the sun radiation, use it in the fat to turn it into vitamin D and then release it into the system quickly. So, those are healthier cells in that area, and the others catch up. 


Brown spots, what are those?  


Those are usually just what they're called, liver spots. 

They can be the liver, gallbladder, spleen, or pancreas. The dark glands, when the cells in the glands can no longer produce hormones anymore, they're not functional to the gland. They're no longer secrete anything but prostaglandins, which are only for the maintenance of the cell itself. So, the body says, well, you're not any help in the liver and I need to get rid of you because you're taking up space and energy in the liver. 

So, I'll send you out through the skin where you can function as a barrier.  


Do they go away after?  


When they die, a liver cell can live 50 years? 





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