Viruses Aren't Alive










It's not a live thing. It's a conglomeration, a structure of proteins that's not alive, and the medical profession says that viruses are contagious.  

100 years ago, everybody used to make soaps in their homes with coconut oil and alcohol or coconut oil and vinegar. That was soap. Soap was made that way. That would be like saying, soap is contagious because it appears in every home. 

Everybody's body makes solvents of all compounds, but when your body uses a solvent process, it takes a lot of dilution. So, instead of reducing the toxic material involved, it expands it like we're washing something, we keep diluting it with water and washing it away, and then you had this bucket of garbage. 

It's a lot different, when bacteria and parasites eat something, they always reduce the contamination. Parasites can take three times their weight and reduce it into a hundredth of what it was. That's why I love parasites because their byproducts are so minimal, easier to handle. 

They keep dividing cells so that you patch the degenerative areas where the parasites are eating, 

Basically, that's it. So, you don't have to be afraid of your teeth. Like I said, if you don't want them to rot your face, then put porcelain fillings on them, porcelain fillings last longer. They don't crack as easily. They may last 20 years as a composite, which is plastic and is very toxic, can cause recession of gums and of the internal nerve. Can last a year, two years, three years at the most and is cracking and splitting and turning black. 

So, these two right here, these are plastic faces on here. You see them turning black. So, I've got an option for it, I have them broken out, and I reservice it, and have it taken off and then it has these black teeth remaining. That's an option that I'm considering right now. So, I may just have a porcelain face put on it, take the plastic off because it's causing my gums to completely pocket right here. 

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