Viruses Are Coincidental







No, only if they had a liver problem. 

If they have toxins in the liver that causes a detoxification, where they will naturally be utilized. 


So, something like the black plague where whole population gets it? 


You have to understand that it was in England in the highly populated areas, there was no refrigeration, they would cook their foods. They would keep them because there was no refrigeration. High amounts of verotoxin from these molds that would feed on the food, and they would just keep loading themselves with toxins, as well as the byproducts of the bacteria eating these cooked foods, they would get so inundated that everybody would break out about the same time. It's like I have a full tree of 50 jar bottles and I'm filling all at the same rate, they're all going to spill over at the same time. 

You're going to have an epidemic, the plague, and it's always somebody else who did it, not their bad habits.  

Well, just remember that virus are not alive, it's a solvent that your body can make. It's like I got the same soap in my house and somebody over there and everybody else had Tide soap in their house. It's a solvent, that's a virus.  

It isn't contagious because everybody has it because everybody's produced it. 

Yeah, but their description may have been very, very doctored or very, very polished. It's like the documentation I got from Pennsylvania, and they were blaming raw milk on this epidemic. They said that 90% of those people who got sick had consumed the raw milk. What about the other 10%? What did they eat, why did they get it and they had no contact. Why did they get at the same time as everybody else? You're saying it's very obvious. It's not very obvious. No, it's their belief that makes them distort information. 

You have it systemically. If you have it, you have it systemically. The nervous system is the most active passageway in the body. It moves faster than lymph and blood. 

Again, you're talking about a virus. A virus is a protein body, it's not alive. There's no contagious. You cannot have something that replicates itself by manufacturer. This is not a breeding substance that multiplies, it only replicates by manufacturer in the body. That's the whole fallacy about it. 

That's why people get so caught up in the belief system. They don't look at the rationale. How is virus formed, it's not alive. How's the reproduce? How does it replicate, because the body makes it just like we make soap, clean out the system. It is not that way. If the child eats what the parents are eating and that child was produced from a parent where lots of toxins filled up in the nervous system and that child had the same kind of a system, born to same kind of system, they would get herpes. 

It may be simply coincidental that the parent notices it when they had one at the same time. Oh, I kissed the baby, I gave it to the baby. You didn't get it from kissing the baby. You gave it because you caused the baby to have toxins in the nerve endings, wasn't the kiss that did it. It wasn't the contagion that did it. 

[Attendee #2] 

It's because the toxins were transmitted and then the virus will react? 

You know, if you give your neighbor, some dead meat and then the vultures come and maybe you're transmitting the toxic somehow- 


You have to look at where they'd have to penetrate. You bleed, you bleed out, sores seep out, you don't seep inward. 

So, how's it going to get in? 

[Attendee #2] 

But maybe there's some other kind of toxin and that is transmitted? 


You're looking at a myth. If I take water balloons and try to throw that through a house, it's not going to happen. That's a myth maybe the house that has a leak in it at some time and you have to be throwing water balloons at that particular time and all of a sudden, a water main breaks, breaks at that particular time. Did the water balloons create that disaster, the water that's in the house? 

I do not expect a lot of you to really grasp it because you're so brainwashed, but if you take biochemistry and you really study it and understand that virus are not alive virus or protein bodies, and they can only be formed within a body. By a body, by a body's lymph system as a solvent, as a detoxifier, then you understand those protein bodies are nothing other than solvents 

Like we have kerosene, we use kerosene, we use alcohol to disintegrate, even vitamin supplements, herbal extracts. 

If there were enough of those virus bodies in that blood and the body said, oh, this is how you make those. Let me see if I can replicate them. Then yes, the body says, I liked that. I want them to get rid of that nerve ending toxicity. Then it could manufacture it from a love transfusion. 

Yes. But you know, if the parent is feeding the child garbage that stores in that child's nerve endings, that's what creates the herpes. 

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