Yeah, going way back when they're talking about viruses and viruses are made by the body of solvents. 

The CDC talks about when they sort of give a weather forecast for upcoming viruses that are these new plague like viruses. 


And they're all psychic aren't they? 


Right, well, I mean. 

What's going on? 

Is it just?

Approx? so they can sell their winter time flu?


Absolutely, yeah. 

You know, the CDC wouldn't exist if that people didn't have fear of disease. 


And oh, there's no question there that they're playing the fear card.

[Attendee #2]

Can I answer that question too? 

I have two medical centers now and I'll tell you, they send us things, so I tell you, it's a joke and it's kind of funny that people are like why do you own a Medical Center? 

We do alternative things, but they still send you things and I laugh at them because they'll predict too far in advance and I know that part of this is that they're the cause of some of it absolutely, more than people want to want to say. 

But the rest of it's just a joke people come in and people ask me by getting flu shots.

I'm so adamant against vaccinations it's not even funny, so we don't we don't do vaccinations, we will not touch that, but it is actually accurate. They will back Step to you from the CDC. 

They will fax us from the National Institutes of Health and tell us every position in the country becuase they have database. 

If you have a DEA license, you were in a database, so they will send it to you and they were located there. 


And all your high executives in the FDA all go from the executive offices of FDA to a high paying job in a Pharmaceutical industry. 

And vice versa same way and CDC is the same. 

[Attendee #3]

How do they create pandemics if viruses are created by the body and not spread by either breathing or whatever. 

How can they create the pandemic? 

I think that. 

The CDC and pharmaceutical houses. 

May have a hand in creating-


Oh, they do because they're dealing in drugs, which cause the body to breakdown tissue and to need a virus or bacteria or a parasite. 

[Attendee #3]

Plus the water is loaded and the chemtrails, the air, I mean there's already chemicals everywhere, it's just they-


We're always going to have detoxification. 

Gonna get colds,flus and detoxification., period.

[Attendee #3]

I didn't have one this year. 

I don't know why..


Sorry to hear that *crowd laughs hysterically*

[Attendee #3]

So, you're on a 100% raw diet, you don't need to worry about smallpox, virus, terrorist scares or anything like that?

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