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Virus being contagious virus. Virus is not alive. It's a protein body. It's a crystalline protein structure that is not alive. They say that self-replicates itself once it gets inside of the cell, that is a myth.  

If something is not alive, it can't self-replicate. It is an impossibility. 

That's why if they take a Petri dish that can breed cells with cells, and they can grow in it, and they spike it with virus. They do not multiply. Whatever is the amount that you inject into that petri dish is all that's there. As soon as they put cells in there, then the viruses get inside the cell. 

Why is that? 

Because the cells make it to decompose certain kinds of toxic tissue within the structure. Let's say you have a bad liver, and your body decides to make a solvent of its own to clean the liver, which is hepatitis. Your body makes hepatitis, there was about 8 varieties of hepatitis, and they say that there's mainly 3, and it's broken down in the sub within those 3. 

But there's 8 varieties of a virus that is hepatitis oriented, and they can go in and clean out your liver. Now, the way the medical profession gets you confused is they say, that is what will kill you.  

That is the cure for the disease. The disease is a degenerative liver. The only way a liver can become degenerative is if you have poisons collect in it. 

And when you eat cooked foods, as I explained in the recipe book, I named 33 compounds just from cooking foods that are toxins, that store in the body. And if they collect over a lifetime, they create serious diseases. If the placenta hasn't filtered out the toxins from the mother, a baby will be born with diseases. 

Take, for example, I had a girl who was 28 years who came to me with breast cancer, hip cancer and kidney cancer, which was attached to the adrenal gland. Her breasts hung down to here. So, she always to go around like this, every time you saw her, she was always hiding that right breast. 28 years old, only able to work six hours a week. 

That's how fatigued she was, and this started at 14 years old. The doctor said all her tests were perfect. She was in perfect health. She was as skinny as a rail, very unhealthy, very unhappy. Everything made her unhappy. Her eyes were black. Her mother had blue eyes. Her father had green eyes, two sisters, the oldest sister had green eyes, the younger had blue. 

Why did she have black eyes? So, she went on the diet, five years after she was on the diet, she was able to work 40 hours a week, just normal. Now seven years later, she works on a farm 14 - 16 hours a day. Goes surfing, does all kinds of things, changed her life. Her eyes went from black to blue and orange and they'll be blue. 

Just like mine became blue from dark brown as I got healthier. It took me 32 years, but I only have one faint brown spot left, in the next probably five years, they will be gone, and that's in my prostate. Um, don't have any problems with my prostate, but that is an area in my eyes that shows the toxicity is still stored. 

So, back to the point, the toxicity from whatever you eat, breathe and drink stores in your body, that creates degeneration in the cells. Virus, bacteria, and parasites are there to eat up the degenerative tissue. But they say, well, if you have a virus that enters the cell or the cell manufacturers a virus, it has an RNA in it that supplants itself within the DNA. 

And then it will form more virus. I said, that's the point. But the RNA that the cell puts in that virus is to address only certain tissue. That's like saying, okay, you're a virus that will be for the certain type of degenerative liver tissue. So, this will be just a very refined hepatitis virus that will help break down those parts of the liver cells that are damaged and get rid of them. 

Then if you're eating properly, you'll be able to rebuild, but most people don't eat properly, and constantly ingest the poisons. So, that's how disease develops. Just remember that bacteria, parasites, and virus are not your enemies. Those are the cures for the disease. The disease is the poisoning. The reason people are getting so many more diseases, and 1/3 women gets cancer, 1/2 men gets cancer nowadays.  

So, you gotta understand, why is that? It's because all of the... 

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