Virus Don't Come From Mosquitos









The whole idea that that infection comes from mosquitoes is pretty bizarre in the first place. Mosquito, which is a female, and the female is about like 10 to 15 times larger than the male. The male eats bee pollen and so does the female. Just like bees, they live like bees only they don't store the honey, the nectar or the bee pollen, that's what they eat. And they feed on the very, very tiny little flowers that the bees can't feed on cause the bees can't suspend themselves in those tiny little flowers. Really tiny little flowers, so that's what mosquitoes pollinate and eat.  

The female collects blood, not for herself, but for her offspring, the larva. So, what she will do is collect the blood. She sticks her proboscis deep into the skin and bites every cell in the area makes a pool of blood and then she'll suck it up. So, she could destroy somewhere like 50 cells just by biting them.  

And you saw The Alien where that thing comes out, it's got all those teeth in it. Well, at the end of the mosquito's proboscis, that's what it looks like. And it just starts chewing all the surrounding cells so the blood pools. They suck it up, they take it back to the creek or the water pond or even if it's a little water that's caught in a leaf on the ground and that's where she's laid her offspring, the larva, then she will just have a little bubble and put it in the bubble and they swim up, and they just keep feeding out of that blood bubble in the water, and that's how the larva eat. When she does it, she doesn't contaminate that blood, the bloods to feed her offspring.  

So, if you think that there's some kind of malaria, it isn't. That's how they get you afraid, so that you can imagine an enemy and that enemy is the mosquito, but there's no evidence that you can get any kind of disease from mosquitoes. It is the diet, no matter what it is. And if you go down and they tell you to cook everything, when you go down there, they'll tell you to boil water, steam, or cook all of your vegetables. 

And it is a ludicrous process because you're more likely to get a disease, a detoxification. Example in point was in the mid 80s, they made a movie called Latino. It's about our involvement in Nicaragua in the 80s, and there were two soldier leads and one of 'em was on my diet. And he brought this long list to me, it was about a legal-size paper. It was everything that he was not supposed to do. If you're gonna take showers, use lots of soap. 

Dry yourself very well. Use distilled water for your shower even better. Boil your water If you're not gonna distilled, distilled is best. cook everything. If you're in the swamps, do not touch your face before you wash your hands, take all of your clothes off and have them bleached and and heavily laundered before you wear them again.  

This whole list. I said, Tony, you do everything just the opposite it says, and you'll be fine. Drink the swamp water because Nicaragua is one of the great lakes of the central American countries. It has more water per space areas, so there's lots of swamp, as well as the lakes there. 

So, of course, during the shooting they had to go through the swamps. So, he was drinking the water, he was eating the raw meat in the restaurants. Out of all the 43 to 46 people who were in the set, on the in the crew. He was the only one who didn't get sick. Robert Beltran who's the star got so sick he lost 50 pounds and they had to shut down the film for five weeks. Tony did not get sick. 

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