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So the bacteria, the parasites removed those dead cells, if they're not contaminated. If those cells were killed by something poisonous, something industrial or heavy metals from cooking foods, the bacteria and the parasites cannot break them down for you.

So, your body has to make a solvent, that's what virus are.

Virus are not alive, virus are not contagious. This whole bird flu thing is a hoax. Virus is not contagious, they are not alive. They are protein bodies, it's like calling laundry soap contagious. Your cells produce virus when the body cannot use bacteria or parasites to break down toxic tissue and you have about 300,000 varieties of virus.

The cell will make a specific virus to get rid of a specific part of tissue intracellular. So, the medical profession says, "Oh, it's tearing up a part of the cell. We see the remains dissolving". But the end process of that is that the body heals itself and rebuilds the cell or the cells left off and we regenerate more cells. That's not a bad thing. That's a good thing. Those are the janitors at work. So, we need that to happen.

However, when you're using virus, it's like you're using a solvent, you go to clean your floor and what happens? You've got a pail with soap in it, solvent. You're getting up the grease off your kitchen floor, and what do you have left? You have all this contaminated fluid, that's what happens in the body. There's no parasite or bacteria that eats it and then utilizes what it can slups off a little waste. You've got a whole bunch of contaminated fluid in the body.

That's why cancer kills most people when it starts dissolving. A cancer cell is a cell that can live without, but when it dies, it lets out a fluid that dissolves 50 - 100 surrounding dead cells. That's why tumors can just dissolve like that in a few days if they're malignant, cuz a cancer cell will die, let out the serum and it will dissolve. You still have all this contaminated waste.

Are you on a good diet? Can you handle the elimination of that? If not, it's gonna keep dissolving or contaminating everything else. And that's the problem with cancer, unless you're on a good diet.


Dissolving the rest of cells too?


You'll start dissolving healthy cells as well around the tumors.

If you don't have the nutrients to absorb the the waste product.


Let's say if they don't go for help, they still won't be in danger, right?


No, everybody gets cancer. Everybody in this room has had cancer.





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