Vinegar Can Cause Mineral Imbalance










We're talking about chelation therapy and EDT and chemicals like that. They're all manufactured in a laboratory. There's nothing natural about them, but the EDT, which is a particular type of amino acid, the protein is found in vinegar.

Now, if you're going to eat vinegar to help get rid of plaque, if you have them in your arteries, veins, arteries, anywhere like that. You need to take a small amount because it does cause a mineral imbalance, so it can cause a bleeding. It can cause internal bleeding, stuff like that. Of course it doesn't have the side effects of the toxicity that the EDTA and the other chemicals have, but it will cause a mineral imbalance, a mineral loss. It could cause osteoporosis, a damaging and a weakening of your cellular, structure by demineralization. So, you have to make sure that you're eating enough cheese. Now remember, raw cheese, when it's raw is not digestible. It acts as a sponge, so as you eat it, it starts in the mouth. It passes down through your entire elementary canal, it will act as a magnet. It'll draw the poisons out of your lymphatic system, your neurological fluid and your bloodstream as those pass through and weave through the entire digestive tract. So the raw cheese will act as a magnet, draw the poisons, heavy metals of the toxins out of those 3 serums and hold it like a sponge and pass it out in the feces.

Cooked cheese, pasteurized cheese will not do that cuz it's fractionated. So, it'll absorb those toxins and then reabsorb into the body. So, you'll just re keep recycling it, so it has to be raw cheese. Salt causes greater imbalances, so it has to be a non salted cheese.

When you want to digest the minerals and the fats and the proteins and the cheese, you have to eat it with a little honey, provide the enzymes that are missing in it.

So, if you want a good mineral supplement, a good calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, concentrated supplement, cheese is it, but you have to have a tiny bit of honey with the cheese and they have to be either mixed in something like a cheesecake or you have to mix the honey and the cheese together in the mouth, then you will absorb those minerals and other things.

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