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You were vegetarian for most of your life and vegetable oils in the human body harden, they crystallize because we don't have a high enough body temperature. 

Herbivores have a body temperature, 100° to 101.6°. They run around with a fever, for us that would be a fever. Ours is 98.6° approximately. 

Vegetable oils that are in the cellular structure or in whatever structure of our bodies over a 10 - 15 - 20-year period, crystallize and harden. That's what causes hardening of the heart and the arteries, not animal fats. Even if animal fats are cooked, there's no evidence of hardening of the heart or the arteries because the tribes that eat only cooked meat eat nothing else, but cooked meat and animal fats have no hardening of the arteries, and no heart disease.  

Only our society has high relationship to that, and it's mostly in people, including MS, people who have multiple sclerosis is a high vegetable oil diet, margarine, safflower oil, any of the pressed oils, except for olive oil. They start crystallizing and hardening at our body temperature over many years if our body is structured with them.  

So, if you're putting pressure on points where you already have dryness of circulation, whether it's lymphatic circulation or neurological circulation or blood circulation, you're going to cause breaking and cracking.  

But all you have to do is touch. Touch, that's it. Barely put your hand on a spine and you have the electromagnetic energy flow through to those centers. There's no pressing necessary. That's the best way to do it.  

I mean, there's a lot of numb people out there, like to feel something. I remember when I was an actor, my publicity agent was the head of MGMs publicity department. When he reached 75, he cut his hand really badly one time and I wanted to help him stop the pain and everything. 

He says, "No, it's a sensation".  

I had to really stop and think about that. You know, what the hell did he mean it's a sensation? Do you get that numb when you're 75, 72 years old, that any kind of sensation is embraced?  


Massages are not good, really?  


Especially if they're gonna break tissue in your body. 

Whenever I go to Thailand, I usually have three massages a day, two hours each, and I only sleep at those times. So, I have one in the morning from about 9AM to 11AM. So that's a two hour sleep period for me, and the first one will be with the coconut oil. 

It's gently rubbed into my skin. 

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