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What about putting a vinegar on your salad?


Well, you can do that, but I don't eat salads. My vegetable juice is my salad. Just remember when you eat a salad, it's a whole celluloses. We don't have the digestive tract to break that down, so as the cellulose is passing through the digestive tract is going to be constantly secreting alkaline fluids.

What is the environment for our intestines? It's an acid bacteria and acid enzyme environment and digestive juices. So, if you neutralize that you're not gonna digest your milk or your meats, and your eggs and that's basically the diet.

So, whole vegetables is not a good thing to eat.

Cucumber is different. It's not a vegetable, it's a bland fruit, and that cellulose in a cucumber is very different. There's a lot of collagen precursors in it. So, it will help the skin, it will make your skin a lot better, it'll help hydrate it properly, keep it soft and smooth and healthy.

So, what you can do if you have cucumber in your juice, you can blend into a puree, some of that cucumber, and then mix it with the rest of your vegetable juice, the vegetables that you do juice, you separate the pulp from the juice.


What do you think of salads?


That's a terrible thing. The cellulous molecule has to be broken down infinitely, and it can only, it can do that in a herbivores stomach, a ruminant animal, it takes 48 hours. Our food passes through in 24 hours. They have 60,000 times more enzymes to disassemble the cellulose molecule.

Plus they chew, they swallow, they regurgitate, chew, swallow. And I don't see anybody here doing that, having a bowel movement with the same food that they ate 48 hours later is 24 hours later.

So again, what it does is it will cause all that alkalinity because you've got the pulp. If you want example of that, even the good juicers like, a green star juicer or any of the green gold juicers. That removes a lot of pulp. And if you don't filter it, you're going to get still a lot of pulp in there, and if your bowel movement is green, that tells you how much cell is still passing through, and you may need to filter it some more if you're not digesting your meats and your dairy properly.

So, you may need to filter your vegetable juice further and get as much pulp out of as you can. Some people who have a very, very dark toxic intestinal tract can use that little bit of pulp, but preferable pulp would be coconut fiber pulp. So, when you juice the coconut you don't strain the coconut cream and there's always a little pulp in it.

And I've asked James not to filter that at Rawsome, so that we do get some of that fiber and it helps clean the intestinal tract of that toxicity that is severely embedded in the intestinal walls.

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