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You generally give everybody the same parsley, celery, summer squash.

So, it's like three or whatever juices and that's pretty much it as I understand it. Why not- there's a zillion vegetables out there. Why just those?


Because the others are more herbal, and they're stronger and they will have greater reactions.

For instance, let's say with Kimberly, I used a little bit of cauliflower and broccoli. Now if you use too you use too much of that. It'll make the thyroid slower, and that can cause lethargy tiredness, and some people need that just to slow them down. So, I use others in small amounts and you can use any one you want, just know what it's for and no more than 5% of your juice.


So is there a way to find out what they're for?


There are lots of verbal books around that have that in it.


What about adding kale and other greens?


Like I said, no more than 5% because they're very concentrated. If you are having that 4 times a day, you can be causing yourself to go quite a radical direction.

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