Vegetable Oils Crystalize


vegetable oils



You are very fat deficient because vegetable oils crystallize in the human body, they dehydrate in the human body. They do not stay fluid at the human body temperature. Herbivores have a body temperature 101° - 105°. Vegetable oils remain solvent and soluble at those temperatures, but in 98.6° and lower it does not. It crystalizes and hardens.

So, you've got a lot of crystallized fat in your body from being a vegetarian. Probably a lot of it was cooked, even worse.

So, you're gonna have a lot of bloating for a long time. Your body just has to rebuild itself completely, has to completely remodel itself.


So, you can do the diet and over time it will basically?




There's nothing in particular you recommend eating that will help the process?


Uhuh. It's just time. That's all you do is wait for your body to do it. It's like, you want to build a mansion? You gonna do it overnight. No. It's stages with a lot of help and a lot of processes.

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