Vegetable Oils Are Rocks


vegetable juice


Sauerkraut, that's a vegetable.  

Yes, I encourage people to eat soured vegetable juice because it'll help go in and clean out.  

the vegetable oil.  

That's what I told these three yesterday during consult. 

Hardening of the arteries and tissue in the body comes from vegetable oil, not animal fats. 

Take animal fat; butter, cream, any of them, put in with dirt. It'll mold and turn into Earth.  

If you take that vegetable oils and put them with dirt will turn into rock.  

That's what amber it.  

That's most of your stones are. Your precious stones is plant fat 

Under high pressure for a long time, and when you hydrogenizes a fat like hydrogenated peanut butter, or you know safflower oil and you user those. 

You're basically creating rocks in your body. It will harden. 


If you heat the oil it has the same affect? 


It's worse, yeah. If you heat it, it's worse. If you hydrogenizes it's even worse because it forms the same molecular structure as plastic. 

That's how plastic was invented.  

This guy went to sleep when he was hydrogenating some fat. 

Went to sleep, it stayed six hours beyond it's normal hydrogenation. He had plastic, that's how plastic was invented. 

So, these fermented things like cabbage juice in small amounts will cause a internal cleansing and that's good. 

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