Vegetable Oil and Plaque



vegetable oils


heart disease



Doesn't matter. When it's raw, it doesn't matter.  


Why doesn't it matter?  


It doesn't matter because there are no side effects from it, there's no disease produced. All of the tribes that eat lots of it and have very high cholesterol levels have no heart disease and no plaquing. 

Plaquing comes from cooked vegetable oils. 

You can take a vegetable oil, safflower oil, pour it into dirt. What will happen? That dirt will turn into a rock. Turn into a rock!  

If you take cream or butter and you put it in the dirt, it molds and breaks down and becomes dirt, feeds numerous bugs and insects and earth creatures. It's fertilized, but vegetable is not. 

Main thing we use vegetable oil for is to run our cars and machinery. That's a dinosaur oil, it's an animal oil, but because it's been processed and heated it turns into a solidified substance. But your vegetable oils are the main reason for hardening of the arteries. We had very little heart disease and very little congested arteries until the pressed oil industry came out of all this: saturated fats bad, safflower oil was good, corn oil was good. Once cooked, those will harden the body quickly. 

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