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I'm trying to do the weight loss diet. I got off to a good start, and then I didn't lose any weight, get bloated and regular vegetable juice makes me feel queasy. So, I'm gonna kind of a rough spot. So, I think I'm just gonna quit until I get an appetite back.  

Quit trying to to do the weight loss because I don't even get hungry all day, I just feel bloated. I don't even want to eat, vegetable juices makes me feel like throwing up. 

I don't know what's wrong. 


Sounds like you're detoxing. So, I would change the diet, the weight loss program should be different. So, you have to give you a call and that would take 15 minutes to get that. 


Okay. One other mini question about the weight loss, in your recipe book there's all kinds of great meat recipes and sauces, stroganoff and this and that. Do those count as meat? 




So, in other words, if you get a golf ball sized meat stroganoff, it counts as a golf ball sized. So, the mushrooms and all that stuff is okay? 


Remember, when you're on the weight loss program, you don't want as much fat. You just to stick with butter and not cream 


But the recipes in general using butter instead of cream? 


Well, like I say, if you use those recipes on the weight loss, you're gonna have some difficulty, you're gonna be much hungrier. 


So, I should just stick to the meat.  


Yeah. Just remember, the more meat you eat, the quicker you will lose the weight. People start eating juices and do everything else and eat the tomatoes and drink a little milk and then don't eat the meat and they say I'm not losing weight. Well, hell what do you think burns fat, pyruvate. 

You got to have the protein, the meat to do it, which is why the Sears diet works. The zone diet, puts so much meat into the system, it burns all the fat up. 





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