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A vegetable juice about once every three days if you're doing the eggs. Don't necessarily need it with the milk, but you will need it. If you're eating a lot of eggs about 8 to 16 ounces once every three days.


Sounds like a weight loss.


No. Well, if you're eating an egg every hour that'll cause weight loss, but one every half an hour won't cause weight loss.


It will cause weight gain?


No, it'll just stabilize it. It's very difficult to gain weight on eggs. Cooked eggs you can gain weight quickly.

When the mercury was coming out in huge spots, I had one come out this morning. I just felt it getting a little sensitive last night, and I've had many injections here, penicillin. And all of a sudden it felt like I had just gotten an injection, and the next morning I woke up and there was a huge head on it with a black center.

All these white cells around it, black center and it smelled just like the mercury and under a microscope, and that's what it was, it was mercury. You can see it. It's a little hard to see when something is crystallized, but I caught this in mine.

Now they turn so quickly I don't even get to see them as far as when they're in the postulation stage. This one because it hurts so badly before it came through the skin and burned my skin, I was able to arrest it before it got to the crystal state. But most of 'em come out as crystals like you saw this one here, it just flaked off in all these crystals, black and dark brown crystals.

Then I had crushed them and mixed 'em with distilled water before I can tell what they are. And still because they're so conglomerated with all these other minerals and, and substances, it's difficult to distinguish what all compounds are in it, but this one was very easy to tell.

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