Vegans Have No Energy





goats milk

cows milk



Well, it depends if you're not hyperactive because you're thin, then it could be because you're not creating any hormones because your body cannot afford to burn itself. Eat itself up. When I was a fruitarian for a long time, I was always calm because I had no fucking energy to get upset. When it gt down to it, I could get very irritable, very quick in somebodies face because there were killing animals and eating animals! 

Diehard vegetarian, but I had to learn my lesson and then when I became so weak that I was so mellow. 


So, the issue about the size of the fat in cow's milk vs goats' milk? 


That's hypothetical garbage. If you're eating it raw, you're going to digest it whether it's large. What does that mean, it means I'm going to be more nourished if I eat more. So, I'll take a bigger molecule of fat from the cow, as opposed to a goat. 


In other words, we throw away what we have? 




Should I have goats' milk or cow's milk? 


Well, it depends. It depends upon the person. If you're irritable I'd say no or mix it. 

There are other ways to stimulate your adrenal glands other than goats' milk. 

There's the coffee substitute and there's also red onion. There's also some garlic, all those will stimulate adrenaline. 

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