Vegans Are Cold and Bugs Get You If You Eat Fruit









And another thing when I was a fruitarian, if the temperature dropped below 50°, I was paralyzed in pain, so I was very sensitive.  

Now I can go out in the snow and roll in the snow, jump into a freezing lake. I can enjoy this reality a lot easier, ad also when I eat a lot of fruit, the bugs get me. 

If I'm in Thailand, I'd stay away from fruit, unless it's unripe. Bugs don't touch you. I eat one slice of watermelon; I will have five insect bites that night. All these people eat a lot of fruit, they're easily consumed by insects.  

The insects like sweet blood because their larva grow fast. The mosquitoes don't eat for themselves, they don't eat our blood for themselves. They take it back to the larva and that's what the larva feed on, and they grow fast with a high sugar rate. Also makes some crazier insects, or bees eating all that sugar. 

Thank God they put that insulin-like substance in it before they eat too much, but while they're traveling, they eat the nectar undigested sometimes. They'll swallow it and process so much of it so fast they can't build enough insulin quickly enough, so they can get very hyper and when they're fed syrup on their hive as well, then you've got some really crazy bees.  


They put syrup? 


Yeah. They wanna sell all the honey, so they feed 'em cheap syrup, which is a byproduct of manufacturing.  


But I mean the ones that come in and containers in the market?  


Yeah. Not, not the honey we eat. 

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