Vaginal Herpes - C-Section






My two kids were cesarean cause my wife claimed to have vaginal herpes and was concerned aobut passing the babies through. 


And that's such an absurdity. Think about this people. Virus are not alive. If you pick up any biochemistry book, virus are protein bodies with RNA attached and sometimes the DNA. 

But they are never alive. If you put them in a fertilized petri dish, they don't self-replicate, not one. And you spike it with virus, not one will reproduce. You don't have not one more virus, then you inject it, but you spiked into that patient.  

As soon as you introduce healthy animal cells into that environment, which can breathe in that dish, all of a sudden, they start multiplying. That's because cells manufacture virus, they are not contagious, and virus are nothing other than soaps. We make soaps, let's say I mixed coconut cream and egg together. That's a natural soap. Virus are soap they're protein bodies that help dissolve certain kinds of tissue. The tissue that it dissolves is determined by the RNA that the cell puts in that chain. 

So, it only dissolves a particular cell or part of a cell or a kind of a cell, a damaged cell, an unhealthy cell. The whole belief that somebody's gonna get a virus from somebody else is a Hollywood type mis-story that the pharmaceutical industry gets you to buy, so you'll take their drugs and their vaccines. Nothing to do with reality or chemistry. 

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