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Starting the diet here and trying to stock up on meat and stuff. What's the deal about vacuum packing meat? Is that gonna be an issue to try and and extend?  


Yeah, it will extend the freshness. I put all mine in glass jars.  


Right, I noticed that. That's why I'm asking the question. 

Is there a problem to vacuum pack it in the food standard plastic bags.  


Well, the problem with your plastic bags is that they all have a powdery film that they use in manufacturing, so the plastic doesn't stick together. It's petroleum-based chemical. So, if you wash the plastic before you heat seal it, vacuum pack it. That's fine. 

But I wouldn't, unless you're going to take the meat out and wash it. Rinse it off with good cold water before you cut into it and utilize it. So, you do one or the other.  


You are correct on that stuff. I had a food saver and I had the material. That material is very different from Ziploc bags. 

That materials got a powdery film on all of it, because that's where they use it. They don't know where you're going to heat seal it. So, they cover the whole entire thing from one end of the roll of the other with that stuff. A little simple. What I learned iis and Aajonus knows this because for years at the beginning, when we were doing meat, we'd go to whole foods and buy meat within two or three days, it was already starting to go awfully smelly. 

The reason why we found out mostly is because it's exposed to the air and the oxygen all day. So, when we cut up meat, we cut it up and undo it from the vacuum pack package that we have and put it immediately into a Ziploc bag and it lasts for 7 to 10 days without going off. 

But you can do even better as he says, take it from there and put it into glass. It won't break down at all that way. No oxygen, no breakdown. 


Because if you pack it like that, the fat doesn't turn brown. If you, you leave it in the plastic seal bags, the fat will turn brown within three days, four days. 


It starts. 


By the, fifth, sixth day. It's brown. Not as tasty. 

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