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Can you walk me through taking care of whatever's going on in my shoulder. I suppose it could be detoxing. I've just been like lifting really heavy things and I placed a really heavy backpack on it, but I'm not on the diet.


Well, then how do you expect me to help?

Just follow the diet, put a hot water bottle wherever it hurts, and use a pain formula if you're in pain.

Well, let's say if you're discharging mercury from a vaccine in the arm, and those were injections in the arm and that mercury travels down your nerves, you're going to have nerve damage. Especially if you don't eat, right, you're not going to have the proper nutrients in the body when that mercury is discharging from damaging your nerve tissue.

When I went through it this year in this arm, and last year in this arm my whole arm turned gray from the mercury and smelled just like mercury. I've had so many injections, especially tetanus shots, and they use a lot of time thimerosal in tetanus then they do anything else and the other drugs.

So, my whole arm turned gray from it. If I hadn't been eating a good diet and been in that tub, discharging those poisons quickly out through the skin, I would have had severe nerve damage, but I didn't. After the chemotherapy, everything tingled because I was poisoned everything, I wasn't on a good diet, but I also lost all the nerve control from here all the way down.

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How long do you sit in that tub?


Depends upon the person. I suggest a minimum an hour, an hour and a half. If you want to stay in all night like I used to, you can sleep and do it all night.

Do you have a question?

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What causes and how you do heal athlete's foot?


Athletes foot is a fungus. That's another helper. You know how colds help deteriorate and dissolve certain things? Those particular cells are degenerated best with fungus. The yeasts go after sugar related ones, the molds go after non sugar related damage. So, that's a good thing.

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