Vaccines Crippled Client - Vomit







Vaccines, and the thimerosal, which is mercury poisons the system. So, he's like this now *imitation* in a chair and he's 18 years old. He's been that way since 18 months. So, I've had him on a diet for about six weeks. He's put on, 12 pounds for the first time in six years he'd put on weight. And for the first time, since he was 18 months, His feet that were bound like that relaxed.

This kid was going to vomit.

I knew that cause if he got the mercury that went right to his nervous system like that and caused that kind of deformity then it's close to the surface. He would be likely to vomit. So I had to warn the parents that he's going to probably vomit profusely for an evening, and then he'll be able to eat for three days without vomiting anything, and then he may go into it again and like clockwork, that's the way it went. First time he vomited all evening, and the next day he ate three pounds of meat the next day and the next day, and the next day. For 10 days, he ate three pounds of meat a day and about 10 eggs, lots of milk.

This is a skinny kid that's only about 5' 8'' and 110 pounds, pretty thin. So, eating all that food, very happy. So, in just a matter of six weeks, he's improved probably by about 5% - 7%. He hadn't improved anything since he was 18 months old. So, the father and mother are pretty impressed. The foods are incredible.

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