Vaccines Aren't Mercury Free

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Which is really poisonous, cuz you know, the vaccines all contain mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, ether and detergent. And the amount of mercury that they use, even though you'll see now preservative free, they're not mercury free. They just changed, they used to call mercury a preservative. Now they're calling it an antibacterial antiseptic, so they just came the name of it, but it's still mercury.

They'd gone from 76 quadrillion molecules of mercury to 56 quadrillion molecules of mercury. In my laboratory work, it only took 3000 molecules of mercury to make 2 CCS of fluid sterile.

Why would they be using 76 quadrillion molecules of mercury and an equal amount of aluminum and formaldehyde in a two CCS of a vaccine?

To hurt you. That is the only reason, that's the only logical sense about it, it's to hurt you. Nobody's challenging it because all the people who work for the pharmaceutical industries are under contract, so there'll be whistleblowers and we just don't have a whistleblower yet. We have one, one came out and you go to John Rapaports site that's called no fake news. Nomorefakenews.com, I put out the email without his permission and rewrote it a little bit.





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