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I'm gonna talk about everybody being alarmed with this Avion flu. Yeah, it's a hoax. Does everybody remember the swine flu in 1976? Ford gets on there and who's our vice president at that time? David Rockefeller How many pharmaceutical houses did he own? Five.

Got Ford to go on and take the swine flu shot. [unclear] a consumer advocate, that was a franchise on radio in about 80 markets in the United States and a doctor, both women, filed suit against Ford, against Rockefeller and against the federal government the surgeon general, saying that the swine flu was a hoax, that iw was going to kill a lot of elderly and children, because what Ford did at the behest of Rockefeller, he bought $8 billion of the swine flu vaccine to give us.

So, McBean and [unclear], with the publicity that they got from that suit, the networks at that time and radio stations weren't all owned by big conglomerates at that time. So, they advertised, they were there at the polls where people were getting their injections. The first week, 2,300 people dropped dead within three days of having the swine flu.

So, $7.2 billion went into the vaults and then pop to present day.


Wait a second. Did you say they dropped dead after they had the injection?


Yes. After they got the swine flu injection.


So, they stopped doing it?


So, they stopped doing it. So, $7.2 billion of the vaccine was left and went into the vaults.


Don't tell me that's what they're giving now.


That's what they want to give. They're pulling it out and relabeling it as Avion flu. Not only that, we already paid for it once and Bush comes out and says, "We're gonna pay $7.2 billion for this vaccine". We're gonna double, pay them twice.

You have to understand, a virus is not alive: it's not a bacteria, it's not a parasite. Virus are protein bodies that are as solvents intercellularly. When the cells do not have a bacteria or a parasite to eat the degenerative waste that is accumulated intercellularly and sometimes extracellularly, it will make a solvent to dissolve those compounds.

There are over 500,000 viruses because viruses are very specific solvents to dissolve very specific tissue intercellularly and the medical profession and scientific community says, "Oh, we see this virus that's tearing apart this cell", but if it's not out of its proper environment, it rebuilds properly.

It's a detoxification, but in their petri dishes, it doesn't do that. It doesn't heal because they're not feeding it properly, it's not in the right environment. All viruses are retro, they're reconvent immediately within 48 hours, the virus does not look the same because a cell does not need a virus to dissolve that kind of tissue for more than 48 hours.

So, any virus vaccine that they make was obsolete six months before it's on the market, it's obsolete in two days. So, the whole vaccine immunization programs that are out are all a hoax, they're all from money making and they will harm you. They've got thimerosal, aluminum, formaldehyde, at least those three elements in all of them.

And you know, they're allowed to put those. Formaldehyde is an absolute no, no in any food or anything like that, anything that goes in the body, it is illegal. So, is mercury, and aluminum is allowed. But mercury and formaldehyde are not allowed in anything, any kind of food, as any kind of preservative, but yet the FDA gives the pharmaceutical house's permission to inject that into us.

I issued an email about Senate bill 1873 and house representative bill 3909, something like that, and they were about absolving the pharmaceutical industry of any harm done by vaccines. And 3903 is about forced vaccines, means they can tell us to take this Avion flu, which is really the swine flu vaccine.


I surprised they're not doing it already.

[Attendee #2]

They are schools.


Oh, they are in schools, but there's an out. With that bill there would be no out for anybody. However, they do not have the legs and the bodies to enforce it. They'll use it to scare people and most people are afraid and they will do it. Just like there's a lot of parents, probably there's half the parents in schools that don't want to give vaccines, but they give them because they're not told that there is a waiver on the back of that form that they sign that says they don't have to take it if they object and that's in 16 states.

And California is the easiest. Some states, it has to be on grounds of religious belief, or medical whatever it is. But most people are just going to be afraid and they're going to accept the vaccine and get sick, sicker in their lives.

Now, when I look into the Iris, most of the time I find the mercury stored in the stomach lining, the aluminum is stored in the intestines. So, every time you eat a food, the mercury dumps into the stomach into the food, then you digest that food, and it poisons the small intestines, sometimes the large intestines, and then moves out with your food to poison your whole body.

So,, it's slow poisoning. Now not everybody stores in the stomach. I would say it happens in about 25% of the people I see, stores in the stomach and there are people that hadn't had vaccines since they were children and they're just now getting to the point where there's no more in the stomach, but it's all in the intestines.

So, it's damages the intestines and the people that are over 50 are ending up with symptoms of Crohn's disease, are completely mal-absorption because of the mercury.


How do you find that? Where the mercury is? How do you tell?


In the iridology, I look in the Iris.


I don't know what that is.


Okay. Well, yeah, it's called iridology, studying the iris that shows the iris is set out into patterns of the body and then you know where they are and you just search in the iris.

[Attendee #2]

I still don't get the difference between the the bad mercury and then when you eat raw fish, the mercury that's in that.


Well, that's a different subject, so let me finish with that.

So, what I recommend that people do who have that kind of malabsorption, that digestive problem, when it's related to mercury that they have to eat cheese with everything. Now, cheese, as long as it isn't mixed with honey, directly with honey will not be absorbed. It is a dry enzymeless food, even if it's raw and unsalted. So, it's gonna act like a magnet as it goes through the intestine, and it's gonna draw toxic substances, heavy metals, anything that's concentrated in minerals and remember that the body uses calcium as the major binder of toxicity, because it's in high amounts, but it can use all kinds of minerals, but cheese is high in the calcium.

So, when it's traveling through the intestines and as the lymphatic, the neurological and the blood flows through the intestines, if there's enough mineral magnetism from the cheese in there, it'll pull those poisons out of those three fluid systems and into the intestines arrested and pass it throughout the feces.

If you eat honey directly with that cheese, you've added the enzymes, which will make that cheese a food. Let me give you an example. A lot of people need a lot of cheese. They won't put on much weight or any weight, except that that frees up for digestion.

I had one girlfriend from New Zealand that loved honey and cheese together, and she was a skinny model and I mean ultra skinny. In one month she put on 40 pounds cause she would eat a pound of cheese a day with a cup of honey. And if you ate that much cheese without eating honey with it, you wouldn't absorb it, wouldn't utilize it in your system. She was very skinny and she needed it.


What about the butter?


The butter does not do that. The butter does not provide enzymes for utilization of the cheese. Cheese, and butter together, especially if you have constipation.

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