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Well, I am. I'm down to a 147 from 185, so I'm quite thin. I haven't been able to put these pants on since I was an actor 20 years ago.

Well, that is a gas that out gases and crystals, so creates little mercury crystals. It's not a liquid mercury, so it doesn't do the kind of damage. It gasses, outgasses, doesn't leak, it outgasses.


When you get the hair analysis done, will you know exactly what you're injected with?


No, I can figure it out though.

And you have to remember, all the flu vaccines contain 60 - 83 ingredients and they only name about 6 - 8. So, they call the others inert. Well, if it's inert, what the fuck is it doing there? Everybody is really dumb if they don't ask that question and most people are just saying, "Oh, okay. It's inert".

Inert doesn't mean it's not of consequence, then why is it there? And it's all dangerous stuff, every bit of it's dangerous.

So, I had these sores here. These have healed quicker, but you see, it looks like I got shot with bullets. I had them all up over here, blisters like that were just oozing and seeping.


How would somebody on the raw diet as long as you've been not be more resistant to that type of thing?


Most people would probably be dead. They're expecting, the people who are theorizing that if they're taking all three vaccines, that there's gonna be a tremendous amount of deaths because of it.

In the swine flu vaccine. and it's the same vaccine from 1976. Six weeks after the first injection in 1976, it was shut down and supposed to be destroyed in 1976. They put it in vaults according to a friend of mine who works at that laboratory, it was in the vaults, they pulled it out to resell it.

So, they sold it for 160 some million back then this time they sold it for 7 billion, plus a lot more other vaccines that's created. Now, they're expecting people to die after all three, it's extended over anywhere from having them a week apart to three weeks apart each, and they're expecting a tremendous amount of death. I had 'em all in one night, all at one time. I should be dead.





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