Vaccine Toxicity Passed On Generationally

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It's common now because of vaccines.  


Oh, we've always had that. I've had vaccines, all of us.  


I know, but the second, third generation now on vaccines. So, the metal toxicity is accumulative, passes from the parent to the child and the child gets theirs, then they pass even more to their children and those children are getting more vaccines. 

Do you know that a child in California will receive 92 vaccines by the time they're 15.5 now. In Illinois, 128. The pharmaceutical industry knows that vaccines are a hoax. There is no evidence that they work, but there's billions of dollars in it and they don't give a shit about your health. 

They're in the they're in the money-making industry, the sicker you are, the more money they make, whether it's vaccines or any kind of medication. You are their bread and butter and they don't give a shit about you dry and cotton clear.  

They're just like the army, they're out for they're out on their mission, and everybody who isn't in the military is an enemy. Everybody who's not in the military is an enemy. We're enemy to our own military government.  


And that's why we call it fascism.  


Yeah, that's right. Doesn't matter. 





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