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So, how do you account for say the whole industry behind biological warfare contracts? How do you account for that?


You have to understand that their active ingredients is never the bacteria, just like in a vaccine. Why do they have liquid mercury, liquid aluminum, formaldehyde, detergents and ether, all poisons.

Why are those the main ingredient in a vaccine? Because if you take the bacteria and all of that, there won't really be a problem, except that the body reads it, when Pasteur was doing his experiments with animals, he was giving them a solution of almost pure disease diluted in distilled water with a slight bit of carbohydrate in it, like from grapes.

Every animal got anaphylaxis and died, not one animal ever survived a vaccine from Pasteur, but they found when other researchers started putting formaldehyde and other poisons strychnine in the vaccines, it'd stop the reaction cuz it would poison the body so much, it wouldn't even think about the disease.

Because the theory is there that disease was so high that the body would say I'm dying and die if they had that concentration of disease in the blood at one given time. So, the body would go into anaphylaxis, which is shock and it would die just because it thought it was very diseased from analyzing all of this disease particles in it.


So, I'm still confused. Are you saying that it's the formaldehyde?


The formaldehyde, the mercury, the aluminum that's causing all the disease.

The pollution is causing disease. The black plague was caused from coal. In 1302, the king and queen of England with their little side groups started the coal industry, people using coal in their homes to keep the house warm and to cook with .The byproduct of burning coal is mercury vapors, damaged the lungs for that whole 30 year period, and you had the black plague.

Plus you had on every other block you had a silversmith and on every other block, it was a blacksmith. So, you had their metallic vapors going into the streets of Paris and London, all the major cities. Most jewelry was silver and gold burned and the kilns all throughout the city.

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