Urine and Fasting

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For this long fast. Cause all along the fast, all I did was drink urine and water.  


You were just experimenting? 


Yes. Well, the urine is the same serum as the blood, without the red blood cells and a little ammonia that's manufactured in the kidneys. So, basically, it's the same thing as blood, very nourishing. 

There are tribes that don't have much meat, so they recycle their urine every day because they can recycle the proteins and other nutrients in it that they would just swap off by urinating.  

So, I learned that in the mid-seventies when I was traveling around on bicycle, but I never had the nerve to try it, until about 1977 when I stopped bicycling, and I found that it did help me because I didn't even eat meat that often and it did recycle my protein and I've done fasts before. I've done as long as a 32 day fast out on the Colorado river, and I got down to 92 pounds. I believed that bullshit that Jesus is supposed to have said, if you fast one day for every year that you've lived, you will completely decontaminate your body, which is absolutely horseshit. 

But I had to find that out the hard way. You don't remove any toxins from the body, unless you have fat in the body and other nutrients to dissolve it and get it out of the system. Otherwise, it just recirculates and on a fast your body eats itself, and if you're toxic, you're just eating toxic food and you're not gonna get any stronger. 

So, maybe you get rid of a couple of trillion unhealthy cells because those cells were weak as hell. And those cells that are remaining are very weak because you're not feeding them properly. 





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