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Recommending that we drink our urine? I wasn't sure whether you said yes or no.


Well, I think it's all an individual thing. Your urine is nothing other than your blood without a lot of red blood cells.


It's not very toxic if the body's getting rid of it.


No, because if your body knows that you're drinking your urine, it's not gonna use the urinary tract as a dump site.

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That could be good or bad. If you're drinking urine, it's. But if you wanna detox it's bad.


Well, it depends. I would say if you have problems digesting and utilizing proteins, that's when I suggest that people utilize their urine. Just like in India, people who do not get meat, they have to live on grains, drink their urine.

All of them will do it because they don't get enough protein, so they continue to drink the urine because they lose a lot of the proteins in their urine. So, they'll drink them and it reverses a lot of ill conditions by doing that. So, if you're a person who doesn't assimilate proteins, you have a tendency to wrinkle and dehydrate well enough.

I wouldn't say drink all of it that may be a little too much.


The first one in the morning or any time of the day?


You know, I've experimented with a lot of different ways.

I experimented drinking all of it, especially when I fasted, I experimented with drinking the first. There are positives and negatives about that. There's a lot more hormonal activity in the morning one, but there's also a lot more nerve toxicity cuz the nerves detox at night.

So, it depends upon the individual. I would say it's best to drink it after a good protein meal, within about an hour and a half after eating a good protein meal.

Oh, and one more thing. There's a little bit more ammonia cause the kidney puts the ammonia in the urine. So, that's also in urine and it helps.

That's why people have better effects when they drink their urine with their skin or apply it on the surface.

[Attendee #2]

I can put that on here. I think you told me once and I haven't done it with the cream or the urine-


Urine first and then the cream over that.

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