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urinary tract infection



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What is a urinary track infection?


Anywhere are damaged cells, either damaged from the chemicals that you're eating or in your environment. So, if they're in the urethra or in the kidney or in the bladder, you've got a urinary tract infection. If those cells are damaged, your body will use either bacteria, parasites, or fungus if you're lucky. If you're unlucky and they're so toxic that the fungus, the bacteria, or the parasites can't eat it, then you have to use a viral infection to clean it.

So, it's always a cleansing. When you stop doing the things that irritate and damage the urinary tract, you'll stop having infections. Of course, a lot of poisons get dumped into the urinary tract, so those can cause damage if you don't have a good enough fat in those cells in the walls of your urethrae, kidneys and bladder are not solid and protected, they can be damaged.


So, I started changing my diet, and I noticed that I started getting urinary infections, but I changed my diet to eating more fat, raw fats, I wouldn't have created that infection?


No, that won't have created, your body will have you say, "Oh, I've got the fats now, let's get rid of this garbage". And then all of a sudden you've got this stuff leaving to urinary tract and you've got dead cells leaving, they have to get dissolved and separated from the tissue there. They don't just fall off on their own. So, it's gotta go in there.


I've never got a urinary tract infection my life. This is the first time.




I didn't know what it was.


It's a cleansing, but you're still pretty thin. I don't know how much fat are in your urinary tract walls. It's a difficult place to feed. So, anybody who has a urinary tract infection, skin problems, you have to eat the moisturizing, lubrication formula.

I love telling this story. It's two names because women love moisturizing, men love lubrication. So, I call it two things.





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