Unfrozen Meat and Butter

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We need to find somebody else that's gonna ship it to you that's not frozen. Well, like that list, I've got lots of Amish farmers there that sell to me and they'll send it to you non frozen.

Well, in the dogs and cats that I fed exclusively the frozen meat and the group that I fed the same meat, non frozen. All of the ones that ate it frozen, either developed scurvy or mange. So, if it does that in an animal that's closer to nature than we are, you can imagine what it does to us. It's not a good thing.

And some people like Mark McAfee with organic pasture said, it's okay to freeze butter. Well, in the animals that I took, and put them on butter to see how much butter it would take to reverse the scurvy and other skin diseases from the frozen meat. On the frozen butter it took 3x longer for those to heal that we're eating the frozen butter than the raw butter.

He freezes it unless you tell him not to.

If he's mailing it you, he's freezing it, unless you ask him not to.





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