Just remember, if you have an ulcer, you've got toxins in that tissue that won't heal. You've got to remove the toxins first: clay packs there wet all night long will help draw those poisons out, little vinegar in that clay will help draw out and neutralize and protect the skin a little bit better and you can put butter all around the area outside of where you're going to apply the moist clay pack.


It's inside.


I know, but still it will help. Anytime you have anything that's close to the skin, you can feed it from the outside. Cuz let me tell you, when you first go on to a raw diet, a good healthy diet, every other cell internally is going to take the nutrients, the skin, and anything near the skin always gets starved.

It's like an orphanage, the big strong kids get all the food first, the little weak ones don't get much, and that's the way it is in the body.


You said put honey in the cabbage juice or no honey?


No honey in the cabbage juice.

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