Types of Clay To Eat, Fast Metabolism and Leaky Gut

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Recommending Terramin Clay or Terrasilk Clay for eating?


Depends upon the individual. If they have a high metabolism and they're an athlete, they should be eating Terramin. They're very slow, low energy.

Barbara Morgan is a high energy person, she should not be having the Terrasilk.

[Attendee #2]

What's the difference?


One coarser than the other. Terrasilk is very fine.


It's a lot more expensive too.

[Attendee #2]

So, the Terrasilk being fine is for the people with low energy?


Slow digestion.

[Attendee #2]

Slow digestion, how does that affect- I'm trying to understand what the difference is.


Well, the people who are slower digestion need a finer molecule to help pull stuff out of the blood out of the intestine.

The people who have a high metabolism where everything is moving fast, they need a more coarse one, or else they may absorb some of those fine toxic molecules.

Clay is a rock. It's not a substance, it's not a food. And it's very toxic [unclear] gets absorbed into the body.

If you're a hyperactive person, then you've got a high metabolism.

[Attendee #3]

What if you're both?


If you're both, then you could use either.

[Attendee #2]

So, when you are on the low end, then you should be having the silk?



[Attendee #2]

And the thing is, if you eat the wrong kind and it's absorbing in your body, it's going to be damaging you?


Yeah. It'll be heavy metal toxicity.

Rock does not digest in the human body and, but sometimes, because I tell you to soak it and leave it a long time, you've got bacteria in there that will break it down even further to just help pull poisons out faster.

But some people who have high metabolism have huge pores in their intestines, and even those things can pass out. It'll never get into a cell, but it can get into the blood, it can get into the neurological fluid and cause complication.

It could cause rashes, it could cause nausea, it could cause headaches, loss of appetite, too much hunger; can go anyway.





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