Tumor On Dog - Dogs Are Toxic

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My family has a dog, she's about 9 years old and about a year ago she started growing a big bone tumor on her nose, and since then it got like, it closed up her left eye and the eye rolled back kind of.

And she's been mostly on dog food, but for four months now, I've been feeding her ground chicken mix, liver and eggs.


All raw?



She lost some weight and her coat looks really good and everything and her teeth looked better, but the bone tumor seems to be getting worse.


Well, dogs and cats are hard to reverse cancer. In fact, I find it's almost impossible because dogs and cats do not perspire, except out their nose, tongue, and anus. So, they can't secrete all the poisons. So, if you feed them any kind of processed food, they have a lot of metallic minerals in them, a lot of preservative, a lot of food coloring, a lot of stuff that dogs and cats don't normally eat.

So, they are probably the most toxic creatures on this planet, even more so than humans if they're fed kibble and canned foods. So, it's very hard to reverse cancer. Normally, what happens is you put 'em on a good diet. She has a dog 9 years old mainly on cooked foods, but for the last four months she's been feeding it raw foods. The coat's better, the dog's healthier, everything's better, but the tumor isn't disappearing and it's closed an eye, and it's probably the situation is that the dog is going to have to live with the cancer, but healthier.





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