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Yes. I have trouble sleeping because my nose gets clogged up. 


You need to cut down on cream, increase your butter, and sleep at an angle.  

Eat more butter like the lubrication formula, and sleep at an angle.  

So, your head is high. 

You have to understand that when your brain dumps, it dumps most of the poisons out your gums, tongue, and sinus cavity. 

Your brain and nervous system hold the most metals of anywhere in the body. That's why Alzheimer's is a problem.  

Because the body uses metallic minerals in the brain, and nervous system to transmit light, which is information for the nervous system. So, anytime you eat anything, and it has any kind of metallic mineral in it, which all foods do, the cooking causes it to be free radical. 

So, you have your greatest concentration of free radicals in the brain, and nervous system. So, when that dumps, the brain has- usually the tonsils take care of it.  

The sinuses, and the gums take care of most of the free radicals. That's why so much dental decay, the heavy metals come out. They surrounded the dentine, starts ripping the neurons out of your cells, i complicates the molecular structure, the structure of the teeth, and then you have degeneration.  

So, keeping the mouth rinsed is important when you're dumping those metals out of your teeth. 

Brushing your teeth isn't the greatest idea. 

A water pick is the best thing to use to help rebuild those minerals.  

Because if you're brushing mercury that's dumping from the brain, it will cause the teeth to abraise, and you'll bruise the dentine more, and you'll have teeth decay. 

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