Tribes and Bacteria - Companies Pay To Poison Them









A lot of the epidemics in Hawaii and with the American Indians, they said, "Oh, there were viruses they couldn't handle". These Indians were wiping their butts without washing their hands just like all these primitive tribes, eating raw meat without cleaning it right out of the Buffalo. They were walking through horse shit all the time, dealing with horses and their tails fly all over and hit the flies and get E coli all over the place.

To think, to believe that these American Indians and the Hawaiians and all these indigenous tribes were dying because of some particular white man's disease, it's absolutely absurd.

If you look at some of the proper documentation, like if you read, I forgot the author's name, but he wrote savages and he talked about how the German, and British diamond mining companies, Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola would hire Brazilians in bars, arm them with automatic weapons and poison and go around and slaughter the natives.

And if you put these particular poisons in their water hole, it looks like they got smallpox. A lot of your diseases will look like smallpox or measles. A lot of your poisons will look like that.

So, of course the thing is, "Oh, they got some kind of bacterial infection and disease". No, they were poisoned.

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